Buyer’s Tip #1: Do I Need an Agent to Buy a New House?

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Buyer’s Tip #1: Do I Need an Agent to Buy a New House

Selecting and buying a brand new home can be a fun, even thrilling experience, but it’s not without its twists and turns.

It can quickly turn into a bumpy ride and leave you feeling a little squeamish. The new home professionals at 9Yards Realty developed a step-by-step process with 8 buyer’s tips to guide you through the new home buying experience. Every buyer and every purchase is unique, but we hope this helps you better understand what’s coming around the next corner.


Why you need an experienced agent on your side when buying a new home.

Yes, it’s important to have your own real estate agent (buyer’s agent) when purchasing a brand new home.

 In fact, it’s one of the first and most critical steps in the new home buying process. But the key to success is finding and hiring a local agent who knows new construction and has extensive experience with area new home builders. Most agents primarily deal with used homes, so make the extra effort to find that needle in a haystack.


An agent with solid new home experience will provide sound advice and lead you through every step of the process.

  1. When is the best time to buy?
  2. Will builders negotiate?
  3. Which builders have a good reputation for quality?
  4. Who best fits your style, personality, and budget?
  5. What are the best-selling areas/neighborhoods and why?
  6. Are you getting the best overall deal possible?

It’s a “free” service because builders pay agents commissions.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain with an experienced new home agent on your side. Better yet, it’s FREE.

Builders plan and budget in advance for buyer agent commissions which are built into sales prices whether you use one or not. So buying without your own agent just means more profit for the builder and no real savings for you. Real estate agents often represent 60-80% of a builder’s total sales, so a builder is not going to risk this relationship by discounting prices if you purchase on your own.

Big builders are well-oiled machines. Builders recruit and train top salespeople who are paid very well to meet sales goals and protect their employer’s interests. But that’s just the first of many layers you’ll encounter.

You’ll deal with a lot of people: sales agents, sales assistants, project managers, assistant project managers, design center consultants, in-house mortgage lenders, closing coordinators, attorneys, vendor partners, and more. You might even get to meet an area sales manager, vice president, or division president. An experienced buyer agent on your side can help shift the balance of power, improve communication and save you time and money.

Get your own agent on board before you start searching on your own.

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