How we communicate with our buyers

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Effective communication is a vital skill in the real estate industry! 

A successful real estate agent is armed with a professional attitude and possess good communication skills, which enables you as their client to have a memorable and worthwhile experience when buying or selling real estate.

The way an agent communicates with their clients shapes their professionalism and reputation. At 9Yards Realty, we use a variety of communication tools and methods to keep our clients informed during the buying and selling process.

🤝 Get to know you 🤝

We first find out how you prefer to communicate- Call, text, email, and how much?

Clients prefer different methods of communication. Some clients like to be involved in every step while others prefer a more distanced approach! 

Some people prefer texts over email and others phone calls. Your agent will determine what method of communication is preferred and how often to communicate updates. At a minimum,  we will offer weekly follow-ups to update clients on offers, home inventory, or construction.

💻 Utilize Technology 💻

At 9Yards, our agents utilize technology to work more efficiently for you as a team. 

Our tech strategies include: 

✔️ Transaction management and e-signature software.

Digital document management helps agents and clients communicate swiftly and stay organized. Agents can send contracts for signature in a matter of minutes. Using these systems helps clients view their “paperwork” in a centralized place and keep track of outstanding items provide an interactive online checklist for closing transactions   

✔️ Client Relationship Management (CRM) system

The CRM helps with much more than serving as an address book for our agents.  It helps keep them organized, and it pulls all written correspondence between all parties in one space, so no details are lost

✔️ IDX Saved Searches

Our agents create custom IDX searches for each client.  As soon as a new listing hits MLS under the client’s search qualifications, the client and the agent are notified via email and can schedule showings quickly. In a seller’s market, being able to know about and see the homes quickly is crucial.


Let us demonstrate out communication process! Here at 9Yards, we understand the types of new home builders, and can help you find the perfect builder to meet your needs. Get in touch and let’s begin this new-home journey!

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