Do I Have Time to Build a New Construction Home? How Long it Takes to Build a New Home

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Do I even have time to build a new construction home?

Have you been thinking about building a new home but you’re worried that it’s gonna take too long? Building a new-home doesn’t have to take forever. In fact, most builders have homes available in different stages of construction so you can find a new-home that fits your timeline. Spoiler: Most builders can build your new construction home in less than six months! Buying a new-home doesn’t have to be hard and time-consuming, there are plenty of options out there and there’s sure to be one that best fits your needs and current lifestyle.

Here are a few different options:

1.Oftentimes you can find finished new homes that are ready now. 

Bonus- a lot of times these finished homes come with discounts. However, the finishes are already selected. But at least they’re new and pretty, right?! This is perfect for homebuyers who want to move into a place that’s new and won’t need renovations, but don’t want to spend the time going through the whole new construction process.

2. You can buy a home that’s started but not finished.

Most of the time you’ll still be able to pick out the options and finishes. These homes are typically completed in half the usual time. This is great if you want some say in the final touches, but aren’t super picky on the overall layout!

3. You can build it from the ground up.

It doesn’t take as long as you might assume! Most builders can build your new-home in less than six months. Searching for the perfect home on the market could easily take that long. And with new-home construction you get to pick the lot it’s built on! You have a say in every stage of the process, from location to floor plan to the bathroom tiles.

People buying new construction home

Ask yourself this. Does it really make sense to spend months being frustrated, getting your offer rejected on existing homes when you could just build the perfect home? Plus, 9Yards Realty is here to help you navigate the process and find the new construction home that perfectly fits your lifestyle. Ready to get started? Contact us and let’s get you started on your search!


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