New Construction Builder Meetings

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What to expect at your new construction builder meetings

As a buyer, what kind of meetings do we get with the builder while our home is being built? The answer is: there are typically a few different types of scheduled meetings that you’ll have with your builder during the construction of your new home. And you need to take each one SERIOUSLY!!!
Most builders will have some version of the following opportunities for you to meet, ask questions, and bring up any concerns:
✔️New Home Orientation
✔️After closing visits and warranty

Pre-Construction Meetings

This is your official kick-off meeting!
At this point, you’ve signed the contract, selected and/or agreed to the options and finishes. The builder has pulled permits and is ready to begin construction. This is the meeting where you make sure that all of the changes and options you’ve selected have ended up in the builder’s hands. You want to make sure that nothing has been lost or overlooked!
Bring ALL of your paperwork with you. Compare all of the options that you have selected against the ones that are on the builder’s paperwork. The builder will also usually walk the lot with you and show you exactly where your home will be positioned on your new homesite!  This meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps give you peace of mind.

Let the construction begin!

Pre-Drywall Meetings

Your new home is really coming along now! It looks like an actual house! Now let’s take a walk through it to make sure everything is looking good.
The goal of this meeting is to verify that what you selected months ago has gone into your home prior to the drywall being hung and finishes starting. It’s easier and faster to correct things now rather than after the walls are up. Make sure to pay close attention to walls and areas where you may be hanging TVs or large pieces of art. Where are the studs? Are there any plumbing or electrical lines that you have to be concerned about?
Now is your one and only chance to take pictures of what’s behind the walls. Get photos of every room and every wall for future reference!
Pull out your option selections list and compare it against the house. If you’ve selected special locations for outlets, switches, etc make sure they are there.
You could also have a home inspector come in at this stage so that they can also take a look at what’s happening behind the walls. Just make sure to schedule it with your builder before you send someone out to inspect!!!
Now that you’ve confirmed it all looks good, the builder is going to finish your home.

New Home Orientation

This is your official walkthrough and it usually takes place approximately 1-2 weeks before closing. At this point, the home should be complete and the builder has done all of their quality control!
This is not the time to try to save money, INVEST IN A HOME INSPECTION! Home inspectors are professionals and will find the things you don’t have the expertise to look for. Send the home inspection report to the builder prior to your orientation meeting and bring a hard copy with you.
The main goal of this meeting is for you to learn how to use your new home and to give you a chance to identify any cosmetic issues. When doing your walkthrough, make sure to walk each wall. Starting in one corner and then walking around the room helps ensure you don’t miss a wall. Mark any cosmetic issues you see. Ask questions. Don’t be nervous to ask if you think something is wrong!
You also want to make sure every component of the house functions as it should. Open every drawer. Every window. Every door. Turn on the appliances. Turn on the faucets. Flush the toilets. Take your time and test it all. And don’t feel rushed. This is your last chance to get things fixed prior to moving in.
A word of advice: take the pre-closing walks very seriously. The builder will take care of your needed repairs but you’d much rather have them take care of them before closing rather than after when you’re trying to live there. YOU GOT THIS!

After Closing Visits

Almost all new construction homes come with a 1 year workmanship warranty! Emergency issues like a water leak or no power will be taken care of immediately. But the builder will ask you to wait and make a list of the non-emergency issues that you find.
You’re gonna notice some things now that you’re living in your new home that you didn’t notice when doing your New Home Orientation. Don’t worry, the builder isn’t going to leave you high and dry. They will come back to fix the new items you’ve noted.

Just keep in mind that your cosmetic warranty went away after the New Home Orientation. So all they’re going to fix are workmanship issues!! These are things like settlement cracks, nail pops, squeaky floors, loose faucets, standing water in the yard, doors/windows that don’t latch, things like that.
Builders will usually do their visits in some version of the following:
Only one visit around 11-12 months; towards the end of your warranty period.
Two visits: one a few months after closing and the second one at 11-12 months.
As many visits as you need to get things taken care of during the first year.

This is super important to know….
…THE BUILDER IS ONLY GOING TO COME IF YOU ASK THEM TO! If you don’t ask then they’ll assume that everything is good.
…and make sure to DOCUMENT EVERYTHING by filling out the warranty request as instructed by the builder. If you just send texts and emails to the field supervisor, they can get lost/misplaced and your warranty items may not be addressed.


We hope this was useful! If you have any questions about the new home construction process, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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