Things To Do – District 57

2023-06-12T16:58:43-04:00June 12th, 2023|

District 57 is an immersive, themed, one-of-a-kind entertainment complex. Come play unique games and conquer challenges in our post-apocalyptic, futuristic utopia. Enjoy self-pour beverages including beer, wine, and ciders as well as our homemade pizzas!

The Grid is a 30-room challenge arena. It is fast paced and will test your team in a variety of ways. Each challenge is in its own room and in each is a single task that has to be completed in an undisclosed time (between 1 and 5 minutes).

Bordertown – Tactical laser tag game where two teams of up to 8 players each compete in fast paced tactical games. Team death match, domination, capture the flag, and more.

AllSorts is the perfect area to hang out, play games, feed the hunger and quench the thurst. Alcoholic beverages offered are beer/wine/cider at the self-serve bar, and seasonal beers, ciders, and Mighty Swell seltzers in the grab and go refrigerator.  Games include: pool, ping pong, electric darts, 8 player foosball, 4 player Pac Man, Pong, Catch the Light, Sega & Nintendo games.

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