Brian’s favorite thing is running outside

2021-12-07T02:35:44-05:00June 22nd, 2021|
Brian Jordan 9Yards Realty
Brian here, This is one of my favorite places to run. Any guesses where is it?
I love to run. Well, maybe the better word would be like.
I’m not real good at it. It makes me hurt. I can’t go fast. People are always passing me.
But I still love/like it.
I can’t run in the mornings because I’m not a morning person. I’m just too tired. My legs are like hell no, we should be in bed.
So I run in the afternoons after work. It helps me clear my mind after a long day. And it helps me organize my thoughts for the things I need to work on the next day.
Running isn’t making me skinny. But that’s not running’s fault. That’s my fault because I keep eating too much crappy food. And I snack after 9.
I love/love to eat.
I have one of those fancy treadmills with a video coach telling me to run harder and faster. I like it a lot. The treadmill. Not the coach. She’s mean.
But my favorite thing is running outside.
I like to run in all sorts of different places. The beach. The mountains. Cities. Parks.
And all the different seasons. Even when it’s 100° outside and 90% humidity and I think I’m gonna die.
I’m in my mid-40s now and still doing this. Hoping I can keep it up for years to come.
Do you like/love to run? Where do you go?

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