What’s NOT Hot for 2023 home designs?

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Some once and recently popular design choices are losing appeal.  The main reason for their unpopular 2023 status is because they require high maintenance or aren’t functional for today’s routines.

4 Design Choices to Drop in 2023

  1. High Pile Carpet: difficult to keep clean and aren’t practical, especially in households with kids and/or pets.
  2. Gray Cabinets :  homeowners are shifting to warmer hues to make their spaces more welcoming.
  3. Standard Subway Tiles: Standard-size white, horizontal subway tiles are still popular, but many now prefer larger 4-by-10 inch or 4-by-16-inch tiles that run vertically to draw eyes up and give an age-old design a fresh look.
  4. Open Shelves: Most struggle with clutter, so even though some love the open look above, others are opting for the traditional closed cabinets to keep stuff concealed.